with Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father, channeled by me

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How may I support you?

Online masterclasses with channeling transmissions of Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father for wisdom sharing as well as clearing activations. Topics

  • “Intuition & Inner Guidance”
  • “Commencing a worry-free, fear-free living”
  • “Understanding non love versus love relationships”
  • “Segmentation within: hidden secrets revealed”
  • “Allowing fearloveness. The ultimate surrender”

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Undoing beliefs mastery

A masterclass including a channeling transmission from Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father united as One, allowing you to be submerged in pure Source code frequency healing and Divine eternal Love.

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Who am I channeling?

Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father are sharing wisdom teachings, clearing and commencing activation through this portal. They come through my channel, talk through me and pour GodSource code frequencies through so that you may be submerged in this.
All of this, so that YOUR physical bodies can be upgraded, uplifted, and so that you may reconnect even deeper to your own DIVINE SOURCE ESSENCE.

I have more recently discovered numerous ways in which these channeling transmissions heal, soothe, and release stuck energies, blocks, beliefs and receive new codings to the individuals system. Allowing each and everyone to receive unlimitedly what is exactly for each individual´s personal highest Good always.

As an addition, these channeling transmissions allow the person to be submerged into the unconditional Love of the pure Divine essence within of Heavenly Mother´s and Heavenly Father´s eternal LOVE.

Heavenly Wings Podcast

Building your wings to freedom and unity!

Topics about

  • Intuition
  • Easy tool for a fulfilled life
  • How to deal with competition and envy

and much more.


How did I become a channel for Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father?

In 2017 I received the gift of being encoded by then Divine Mother Miananda, under the name of Shekinah Holy Mother here now, to be able to serve as a Divine channel for Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father in this NOW.

It was through a very humbling Divine process last year in which Miananda the Divine Mother showed me the eternal blessings of witnessing the coming in of the Shekinah, a much expanded holy Divine Being into her physical body, that I was given this immense gift of being able to channel Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father.

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” Beloved children of the stars,

FEEL us with you right now, HERE, this very moment.

For we are truly ALWAYS with you in this eternal NOW.

Beloved ones, welcome to this portal in time,

where we reach out to you through this channel-medium Charis.

So that we may be of service to you, assist you, in bringing about the GOLDEN EON you have been promised a long time ago.

FEEL this now beloved one. Feel this now deep within your heart, for we are ALWAYS with you NOW. “

Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father

About Charis

Through the higher realms I was formed, educated, reshaped and reprogrammed by Shekinah, who I know as my beloved teacher in the physical. I met her when she was in the becoming of the Divine Mother, and was trained by her to be the witness of the coming to earth of Heavenly Mother. Because of this, I was given the opportunity to be of service as the channel for Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father.

Almost everything Shekinah taught me came straight through my channel, not via words so much. She cleared my system in such a way that I could see, hear and feel these teachings from her directly through my own channel, and thus gained a much deeper understanding of it than via words.
She was joined later by Sananda and now he has become my teacher as well.

Before this, I was a university professor for global strategy and intercultural communication, a business trainer and coach for many years working internationally and I have a background in corporate marketing and sales. All of that was part of my preparation for this. And I am grateful beyond words for this.


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