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Channelling Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father – as your Divine Connector

Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father are sharing wisdom teachings, clearing and commencing activation through this portal. They come through my channel, talk through me and pour GodSource code frequencies through so that you may be submerged in this.
All of this, so that YOUR physical bodies can be upgraded, uplifted, and so that you may reconnect even deeper to your own DIVINE SOURCE ESSENCE.

I have more recently discovered numerous ways in which these channeling transmissions heal, soothe, and release stuck energies, blocks, beliefs and receive new codings to the individuals system. Allowing each and everyone to receive unlimitedly what is exactly for each individual´s personal highest Good always.

As an addition, these channeling transmissions allow the person to be submerged into the unconditional Love of the pure Divine essence within of Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father´s eternal LOVE.

How do the channellings of Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father work?

A channeling transmission from Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father contains pure healing GodSource code frequencies directly from the core, as well as spoken words from Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father, unified. It is this combination that makes it so unique as you receive on ALL LEVELS of your Being:

  • Soul: Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father GodSource speak directly to the soul, not to the mind, thus the real you gets activated, educated and brought closer to your self.
  • Mind: Subliminal reprogramming of your conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind through the re-education every time you listen to a channelling. Beliefs and thoughts are cleared and transformed through the channelling transmissions of Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father.
  • Emotional aspects: There can be emotional clearing through the channelling as well as clearing activation of deeper layers every time you listen to a channelling. It thus works more deep, the more often you listen to it. Clearance of old stuck behaviour patterns, emotional fears, blocks and the like. A feeling of being held in Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father deep unconditional Love permeates during the channellings.
  • Energetics: Activation of DNA, dormant codings within, release and removal of “old” unrelevant codings, and more so, the physical structure of the body releases tension, fatigue and loneliness. Alignment with Divine purpose and soul mission, releasing of blocks, resistance and illusions of 3d become more clear.

Through all of this and much more, you get closer to your True Divine Self.


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