Spirituality is Joy!

True Freedom,
liberation and
pure unconditional Love

Are you wishing to expand on your spiritual journey with someone who knows the path? 

We wish to extend a blessing to all who have come here for the first time, for it is truly such a gift to find you here on my page!

A warm hearted welcome. To you. Your own Self. 

For we, are one who have come together in this one person called Charis to be of service to this world through this Divinely orchestrated Being, which we called forth to become the vehicle of our own Selves. For we are many spiritual Beings in this own “Self” as we have come to understand. We have not been recognised as such by many, and yet it is time for us to step forward as this one Being, one alone. Yet, in truth, we are one. And thus, it is for us to continue as one.

We bring you unconditional Love, gifts from the Higher realms that we incorporate into our Being called Charis through speech, Love and frequency which we reverberate at an ongoing time. We may also incorporate wisdom from the Monadic level of the Soul Monad as we are integrating at this moment in time through this vessel. Moreover, there will be more coming in, and thus spreading the array of frequencies for this physical vessel on a continuous basis.

This means, that continuously new frequencies of Love become available through this physical bodily system.

“Love with all your might to receive the power of your Soul ever deeper, ever higher!”

Hi, my name is Charis

As an introduction to have your soul monad speak through you is quite something. So, that was what happened above. Currently, my Higher Self is fully integrated into this body, thus, I am continuously being my Higher Self as my Self. My monad on the other hand, has started to integrate more fully and this is a tremendous in-perience, and experience on the inner planes. One, that is not to be missed. Meaning, you would not have incorporated any of your Soul Monad without you knowing it. So voila! That was my introduction.

Maybe just a bit more about me?
Okay, I will let you in on more details here. As a spiritual mentor and guide I have worked for many years in training people in emotional management, thought and belief re- and deprogramming and soul integration and transformation.

From my first steps on the path of spiritual development starting 20 years ago learning about the chakra system and the energy bodies, to a crisis in 2005, my path deepened and I started my regular meditation practice. Then, my spiritual formation through my own channel working with my guides started in 2009. This began with an “enlightening experience” of Full Consciousness where I saw in absolute bliss through the illusions of this life, the Maya, and that in fact nothing was real.
It took me nearly another seven years until I was presented with my spiritual mentors, and as an ascendant of world teachers TwinRay Sananda and Shekinah I am honoured to have received training for many years now, directly with them and through my own channel by them. Together we work often as a team in their spiritual retreats and online courses. Their teachings are nothing short of being the most extraordinary ones on this earth. And both Beloveds Sananda and Shekinah can be found on here TwinRay.com, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
Yet, I can also be of service to you in many ways, as they taught me directly and for many years already.

Thus, I feel what you feel, I see through the Higher realms into your heart and soul, and I hear and speak to MotherFatherGodCreational Source about it all. This is how I work, and you may greatly benefit from this, if you wish.

All my Love and infinite Blessings to you,


If you

• are wishing to be transformed through the Universal Love in service to this world, and
• if you wish to expand even further than you ever thought possible, and
• if you have a wish to serve in the highest possible way,

then I am here to serve you

Come, come, let’s begin a magnificent journey together! 

“My wish is it to assist you in every step you take,

to bring you forward ever faster,

even if you thought it was not possible to go any further,

and to expand your wisdom,

your HEART’s wishes and make them come true for you in this life time!

Bring in that JOY, that unconditional LOVE

and that endless Faith and Trust inside of you,

for an ever greater journey than you ever had expected this to BE! 

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Personal Sessions

I am also here to support you with personal sessions. In a session I look clairvoyantly, ask FatherMotherGodSource for guidance on your particular situation, where you are at, and what your current inner blocks are. I use all of my psychic gifts and talents as well as my extensive experience to help you build you up from where you are and aligning you to the New World energies. A session can take you from waiting to creating in a short time!

More information to come soon.

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With all my heart and Love,


Charis Edenhofer