Being born half Dutch half German, raised in Germany with three languages I grew up surrounded with many cultures and languages. This quickly developed into my passion and as I set my foot into the business world, I discovered a different drive: my eagerness to form and train, to see people develop themselves and grow beyond what they currently inhabit.

As I gained experience in dealing with large corporate clients internationally, I learned all the necessary workings of the environment and gained insights into excellence and leadership skills.

Later, having travelled extensively for both work and leisure throughout the world, I found my passion as a trainer and advisor for corporations and organisations, training and teaching intercultural management skills, leadership and project management, working in multinational teams and overcoming challenges thereof, as well as general business communication and global strategy.

Today I love working with individuals as well as teams all around the globe for a better future for all us and a sustainable, peaceful future.


Short Bio:

  • Master of Arts in International Business Communication and Hispanic Studies, specialising in Intercultural Communication from Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands
  • 5+ years in Marketing Communication and International Sales with TNT International Mail (NL). Greatest achievement: being invited to present TNT at the United Nations in New York in 2005.
  • Business Communication, Intercultural Management and Presentation skills Trainer in multinationals in Spain, the Netherlands and Germany (10+ years)
  • Professor for Global Strategy and Intercultural Management at Syracuse University Campus Madrid, Spain (3 years).
  • Teacher Intercultural Competences and Foreign Languages at Rhein Waal University (4+years) in Germany.

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