Hi! Nice to meet you…

My name is Charis, and it is my great joy to welcome you here on my page. I have the great honor of sharing some of my life with you, in case you had some questions about that. 😉

I was given the deep honor of functioning as a Divine Channel for Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father through the training, recoding and reprogramming I received from Shekinah, my beloved teacher. I was connected to her when I most needed it, and healed in the most astonishing ways. (read more about this here in the blog article)

Even though I have been taught by my guides since  2009 through the higher realms and before meeting Shekinah, I have never really been public about this. However, tt was because of this that I was able to learn how to work with my guides, let my system be cleared and receive wisdom directly from them through the higher realms.

I had many spiritual experiences prior to meeting Shekinah which proofed me the valitdity of my channel. Enough to trust my life with it. 😉

In the meantime, I had a “normal” life, where I had a carrear as a Business Coach and Trainer, working internationally, as well as a university professor for Global Strategy and Intercultural Communication. Before this, I had a background in corporate marketing and sales working with internationally for TNT. Even though I somehow enjoyed this, it never really fulfilled me, and in 2006 I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life, as I received a grant vision: to facilitate personal development for people.

And yet, it was then that I remembered this very bright moment at nine years old when I was walking around the swimming pool on holiday, where I was told why I was here on earth: to bring Love to the people. It was natural like a fact,  nothing surprising to me at that time. As I remembered these words, things clicked into place and my path began to lead me via teaching yoga to becoming a trainee of Shekinah, to finally receiving this immense honor to channel Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father directly for people.

I know now that all was a wonderful preparation for all of this.

And you know, I had many challenges to overcome which have shown me how deep the emotional path of humans go, and which gave me the strength I needed to walk this path.

See you soon in one of the sessions or in a circle experience!

Short Bio:

  • Master of Arts in International Business Communication and Hispanic Studies, specialising in Intercultural Communciation.
  • 5+ years in Marketing Communication and International Sales with TNT International Mail (NL).
  • Business Communication and Presentation skills Coach and Trainer in multinationals (7+ years)
  • Professor for Global Strategy and Intercultural Management at Syracuse University Campus Madrid, Spain (3 years).
  • Teacher Intercultural Competences and Foreign Languages at Rhein Waal University (4+years) in Germany.
  • Personal Development Coach and Spiritual Coach and Healer working globally since 2014.
  • Received the great honor of becoming a Divine channel from Shekinah and Sananda from The Innerversity of Divine Perfection in 2018.

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