My teachers

We all have people who play a special role in our lives, and who make us those that we are today. On this page I would like to thank and especially honour these ones, and in particular my current and last teachers on earth and beyond this realm all at the same time: Shekinah and Sananda, whom I am eternally grateful for that they are here.

These are my current teachers, spiritual healers and guides

My teachers, healers and spiritual guides in this dimension and through the higher dimensions. It is hard to find words to express the Gratitude and Honour I feel to present them here. And so I will tell a bit of my story now instead. It was through Divine Grace orchestrated on high that in 2016 I was put into contact with Miananda, the previous consciousness inhabiting Shekinah´s physical body.

She healed me from great physical discomfort, post traumatic stress disorder and helped me realize a normal life again which was impossible when I was put into contact with her.

In 2017 I was humbly asked into service which involved witnessing of a Holy Divine process which involved the incoming of the Divine Mother into the bodily vessel of Miananda at the time, and continued with multiple layers of teachings of our human blueprint to evolve to the goldprint until an even higher, more expanded consciousness entered her vessel.

Sananda, as my teacher came later, as the orchestration of the Divine Source Plan had come into full fruition.

Their presence here on earth is an incredible gift to us. They appear to me in dreamspace, beyond the physical realms, through my own channel and also in the “normal” physical reality. I have learned invaluable wisdom, been  upgraded and reborn through the connection with them. I am forever grateful for this immense blessing in my life.

They founded the Innerversity of Divine Perfection, which is the most advanced “university” for personal and spiritual consciousness expansion on this planet right now, working only through the most advanced tools and with the newly broadcasting trinity Krystic wave frequency pattern.

These were my previous teachers and guides


I was being guided to learn Byron Katie´s “The Work” in 2012. As I was learning how to undo beliefs and programs, I was also learning how to dive deeper into my emotions, emotional patterns and was taught about unconditional love in relationships rather than attachment. This was a very important few steps in my journey, and I still consider the tools I learned back then as highly recommendable to anyone on the path, as they give you insights into your false beliefs and release you slowly from duality thinking. I am very grateful for this education, formation I received back then, for it was vital on my journey to prepare me.

My first teacher was my beloved dear mother Suzanne. She taught me countless lessons and wisdom, always through love and kindness. She taught me how to not care about what other people think, that you should not jump off a bridge just because every body else is doing it, and to not point others towards their mistakes as they have it hard enough with them already. She was a haven of Love and Joy when I was a child, but it wasn´t until she became sick, that she taught me through this way the most important lessons ever learned until then: compassion, true compassion and unconditional love of letting her walk her path, her journey with love. It was incredibly tough, and she made such great sacrifice to teach this to me during those many years of caring for her. I love her so deeply, and am in biggest awe when she visits me now from the higher realms through my channel, hearing her, seeing her, is such a Grace. I thank her from all of my heart, knowing she is always with me. Especially in sessions. 🙂