Divine alignment, timing and mission: the way I was healed

What happens when you are truly desperate and nothing you seek and nobody can help? You turn to Source/God and your prayers may be answered. Not when you want it, but when They want it.

That´s what I found out when I was truly desperate for help, in 2016 after a major health crisis, trauma and disconnection from all that ever worked for me: my intuition, inner guidance and all the tools I had assembled as a coach over the years. After going through the long term care for my sick beloved mother and watch her death, finding my younger cousin sick with cancer only three months after this but pulling through thankfully, and being traumatized by the suicide of one of my dearest close friends just months from this, I was rendered ill, quite ill. For months I couldn´t continue after a severe physical injury acutely caused by the traumata inside. The pancreatic attack was due to the unresolved overload of emotions and included the spleen as well. This resulted in an digestive immobility, suffering and pain continuously on the left side. To understand this, you have to know, I wasn´t even able to tie my shoe laces anymore without lying down on my back. Bending over was impossible so severe the pain on the left bodily side. Yet, the doctors didn´t find anything once the symptoms of infection had vanished. This coupled with the indigestion which made it impossible to eat raw foods, any sugars, zero fats and fried foods, made it impossible to continue life for me on a normal mode. The traumata remained active in my system, and depression was present as it is with all PTSD affected people. You might not really understand this or being able to imagine this, but I often compare it to this: imagine that you go on a diet for 9 months. How would you feel? No fats, no sugars, no salads, no fruits, only boiled soft fatfree food. No eating out, and thus little socializing. Sleeping as if you are under constant electricity due to the trauma energy in the bodily system. No real rest.

It was incredibly hard, but what got me through this was pure surrender. Surrendering to the situation, nothing else. I was there, and I knew one day it had to get better. And what the heck, there were much worse things in life, weren´t there? I mean literally, I had both my legs and arms left, I could walk, sing, dance. Yes, I couldn´t go out for food but hey, there were way worse things than that. It was doable. I was kind of accepting I guess.

Then, out of the blue I got the idea to go to this conference in Mykonos, Greece, five months after the infection vanished, still under PTSD, traumatized. It was for young people, with a lot of fun involved, and I signed up two months before being sure it would be resolved by then. One week before though, I realized, I was actually worse than two months earlier and thus, I thought: I can´t go.

The minute I believed this thought though, it was as if the ground beneath my feet had been taken away and I was hanging in dark space in a vaccum type plane. Immediately I was reminded of the time space continuum I was taught about years earlier by my guide, and knew that I had just left my path. I was hanging in no man´s land basically. Not on my time line. Ok, so that wasn´t the way. I had to make it work. How can I make this trip work? I reflected. Well, if I get the hotels to cook me boiled fatfree chicken with rice and vegetables every day, then it would work. For sure, they would be able to do that. The cooked ham for breakfast I bought and took with me, and thus I was all set for the trip. It took me a lot of trust to do this because there was only one flight per week to the island from where I lived back then, so if something would have been wrong, I would not have been able to get on a plane and leave. But I truly trust Divine guidance like this, and had a feeling it would be all right. It would do me good I felt.

And so, I went to Greece. It shook me out of my coma state like. I felt myself waking up again and it did me wonders. The indigestion didn´t heal but mentally I got an infusion of positivity I so needed. I had abandoned my old self for a long time and it was high time to find myself again for the first time since putting my needs away for years to support my mother.

I met many amazing people and on the last day I was having breakfast with a few ladies, one of them being a DJ from Belgium. She invited me to a conscious dance weekend in Antwerp two weeks later, and so I went there. Once I was there, I met a guy from England who lived in Australia and he came up with this name that vibrated throughout my entire being: Miananda. My entire system was responding, the energy vibrating, and I knew: I had to talk to her! Naturally he knew the email address out of his head at that moment and gave it to me.

As soon as I had emailed Miananda Shekinah, I felt better. As soon as she had answered, my system started to shift. I watched in awe the programs that started to fall. The first one being “I don´t want to get better”. This was the first program, belief, which was being moved out of me simply due to her presence. After this, healing commenced. But it wasn´t until I was called to start my life mission, that my system totally regenerated. As Shekinah called me into sessions for training and witnessing, on one occasion, she exchanged my old not working pancreas with a brand new one. You know, I was in awe, I had no idea that that was even possible nor what it would do, if it would work! But from that moment on, my body was functioning better and within two to three weeks I was eating cake, ice cream and everything again.

I was in awe! I was over the moon! I was totally and utterly on my knees in thankfulness to Divine Mother Shekinah for Her Grace and healing. I thanked God on my knees for all of this. And you know what it meant for me also?

The biggest gift of all of this is the Divine presence. The EXPERIENCE of having the support, the love and the healing from the Divine Mother, from God, in my life.

It means everything has changed since. Nothing is as it was before: my beliefs, my perspective about God, life, love, healing and so on. This entire process has changed me so much. And I am beyond grateful for it all.

And thus I am in service to the Divine Mother and Divine Father now. For they are here with us, to show us this:

Trust and have faith, for God is with us, among us, here for us always. And I wish everybody to experience this and know this. That´s why I am here.

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