A lost child – the hidden reasons

If I get, within the space of a few days, three women all dealing with the loss of a child that was never born, you know something is up. As I was reflecting on this interesting situation and topic, I realised that many women must have lost or deliberately “lost” a child at one moment or another and I felt the strong urge to share the beautiful wisdom that came through in the sessions with these women.


The first one – ovarian pregnancy

As I was on vacation the other week I found myself talking to a beautiful woman who opened up to me in remarkable ways as she discovered what my contribution to this planet is. She shared that she had had an ovarian pregnancy that burst in her belly. Through undergoing surgery, they found out that she had a tumour in one of her kidneys and thus the kidney was removed as well.  Since then child conception had been difficult and she was desperately seeking answers to WHY this had happened!

Her emotions were very strong as I started to make the connection, and was clearly shown that the ovarian pregnancy happened to safe her life. The soul of the baby girl had come to safe her life so that the cancer was detected in time. She saved her life. The cancer had to do with unresolved emotions which I do not want to go into right here.

The reason that the soul came in to save her life though is because this woman has a task for healing in this life and she wasn´t aware of this, and had not developed her healing abilities yet. I was shown at the very start of the connection that she had a very kind loving energy, a healing gift in her hands, a gift to speak and to see, and she wasn´t aware of any of this yet. This beautiful woman in front of me was so moved, and astonished about the message. She had wanted a daughter all her life, and to her it seemed she had lost her now. Tears running down her cheeks. I squeezed her hands, which I was holding the entire time, letting Divine Mother Shekinahs and Divine Fathers Sanandas energy run through me into her the entire time I was channeling for her.

I heard: “She will come. The baby will come. When you are on the path you are supposed to walk. Then she will come.” And so I shared with her, that instead of having just one gift in life, the child, because that is how she saw it, she would get two. She was given the honour of giving healings to people AND she would have the baby. It was truly so magical to witness all of this for me.


Number two – abortion

A few days ago I was at a seminar in the Netherlands to which I was invited to, and in the afternoon I found my way to a beautiful woman, as she was leaning against a tree, processing. My feet took me straight to her. She started to tell me how she had had an abortion just short time before this day, and how she now hears the voice of the girl that was supposed to come to her. She was clearly upset and there was guilt all over her system as she was telling me this. She thought she had done the wrong thing taking the abortion pill. I heard clearly this was not so.

The beautiful soul that was with her, showed herself to me and what a huge bright light she is! I was in awe. I understood immediately that she was to work with her like this, through her, from the higher realms and that it was never meant to be that she would come into incarnation. As I said this to the woman next to me, looking into her blue eyes, the female soul that would have been her daughter started to talk through me, in English.

She said some very special things to her mother, the woman next to me. And she ended, so very special and completely unknown to me, with the exact words that this woman always heard from her too. It was her absolute confirmation that what she was hearing, was true and that she didn´t imagine it.

She squeezed my hand so hard, I was nearly squinting. The gift, to be told and confirmed by a complete stranger of the presence of this amazing bright soul in her life, was immeasurable for her. And the reason WHY this had happened the way it did, was because this beautiful soul will bring healing through her “mother” onto this planet.

I saw a change in the mother, the beautiful woman next to me, that was remarkable. She was dull and guilt ridden when she arrived and left a radiant shining woman who hugged me. thanking me so much for being there and confirming her.


The third – malfunctioning heart in fetus

The very next day, again in another session with a female client, she told me unexpectedly and out of the blue about a pregnancy she had had many years ago which had to be interrupted because the baby had a malfunctioning of the heart and would not be able to survive. It was a baby girl.

Another baby girl I am realising now as I am typing this.

She was in tears and much grief was still in her heart about loosing this daughter. Understandably, as she has now two healthy sons which she is so grateful for, yet of course, she misses her unborn daughter. As I was already connected I heard that she was still with her now, and that in fact she is her guide.

I opened myself up to connecting with this little girl and told her that she was allowed to use me to speak to her mother. I surrendered, and my voice changed completely into that of a young girl, and as she was addressing her Mama, telling her that she was always, ALWAYS with her, and saying many more beautiful heart moving things through my body, I was so moved, watching and observing.

Opening my eyes again after it had finished, I saw that my client the mother was wiping tears off her cheeks, radiantly beaming at me. I could feel her heart was now no longer full with grief but shining wide open, with love and so grateful.

As we continued to talk about the information given, she was told that she could converse with her daughter in the Heavens, and that after a while she would start to hear her too. Because of this she understood that this was set up in this way because like this she would open her heart much more easily to the higher realms, than without having lost this baby girl. That was the reason why this happened.


I truly love being of service like this and am so endlessly grateful to my beloved teachers and healers, the holy Divine Mother Shekinah and Divine Father Sananda.





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