Heavenly Mastery: wisdom classes and clearing activations

“We will commence sharing wisdom and clearing through this channel/medium called Charis through these monthly only activation classes surrounding a certain topic each month.

For all to experience / innerperience the glory, the love and the wisdom of Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father in combination with this vessel´s own inperience of the subject to be.”

Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father 

Wisdom class, clearing and activation through the GodSource


Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father, who together make up God, will be sharing wisdom teachings, clearing and commencing activation in every members system throughout these classes. They come through me, talk through me (and yes, there is a voice change you cannot miss!) and flood frequencies through my physical body.
All of this, so that YOUR physical bodies can be upgraded, uplifted, and so that you may reconnect even deeper to your own DIVINE SOURCE ESSENCE.

Frequency atunement to unconditional Love

You will be able to feel their immense Love, bathe in it and absorb in this way their WISDOM sharings on a much deeper scale than without these frequencies.

Also, your own inner setting will be temporarily adjusted to the frequency of unconditional LOVE. Thus, the more frequently you listen to Them, the higher your vibrational level aligns to your own inner Divine Source frequency pattern.  And thus, as your own inner compass aligns with Heavenly Mother, Heavenly Father, pure GodSource, it aligns with your own inner Divine frequency of unconditional Love.

Monthly live classes plus replays


Heavenly Mastery teaching and activation classes are held live via zoom call.

  • One class per month
  • Replays available at all times, even if the class has been given in the past already.
  • Each class will be around 2 – 2.5 h
  • Replays can be listened to as frequently as you want and will still encompass all of the Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father frequency code activations regardless of time/space.

The setting up of a united group healing field

Once you align yourself with the intent to join these wisdom group sharings and clearing activations, you will form part of an energetic Divine field created for the entire group. It is this field that allows your soul to move faster in and through the presence of Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father, GodSource.

So even if you catch the group wisdom sharing clearing activation in the replay, you will become part of this group Divine clearance activation field which significantly accelerates your personal development and your consciousness expansion. All in alignment for what´s best for you always.

Dates and topics of the classes

Class 1 “Intuition & Inner Guidance” (recording)

Learn the how to ask, when to connect, resonance versus intuition, the pitfalls of the ego and many other aspects of improving working with your intuition. Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father will perform clearance and activations on all during the call as well as provide teachings. Apart from that, I will also speak from my own experience and provide tips and insights from over nine years of working with my guides.


Class 2 “Commencing the worry-free, fear-free living style” (22 September)

In this call you will be supplied with wisdom sharings and techniques surrounding worry-free, fear-free living and you will commence to activate your heart space deeper, which results in increased trust and faith as an antidote to fear based living in current society´s state. Clearing and activation will be supplied by Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father as well as wisdom sharings, supported by my own experiences and knowledge.


Class 3 “Understanding non-love versus love relationships” (19 October)

Relationships are mostly based upon attachment, clingyness, fear of loneliness, approval wanting and the like. Most of you aren´t aware of just how deep this goes. You are, however, aware of the unmet expectations of your ´love´relationship, your unworthiness showing up, your unfulfilled-ness, and maybe even the occasional unhappiness. You worry needlessly, and seek to accompany rather than to serve. All of this is so the experience and inperience of the non-love relationship. However, nearly every relationship can be transformed into a pure based true love relationship with just one partner allowing this to be rather than following the old paradigm and ways of life. Receive insights and wisdom sharings from Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father, clearance activation and you may even feel Their Divine Supreme True Love inperience.


Class 4 “Segmention within: the hidden secrets revealed” (23 November)

This wisdom sharing clearance activation is about the morphing of fear on a continuously deep level where childhood aspects are residing. These aspects may rise to be seen and to be eventually reabsorbed into the mainframe self. Inperience this clearance activation and wisdom sharing for your most profound absorption of fear, for inner self healing, and Love inperience as you have never felt about your small self before. Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father recommend this class deeply to all on the path of self loving  and self empowerment as this will propel you into deeper spaces of your self than ever before.


Class 5 “Allowing fearloveness. The ultimate surrender” (28 December)

At the end of the year, and during the 12 holy nights of Christmas outside time, this wisdom sharing and clearing activation class is of supreme Love: the ever deeper process of unveiling of the ego, of letting go and of surrendering to the utmost highest aspect of Divine Love. For it is True Love only that uncovers the deepest longings, wishes and desires to be revealed. As a fresh start into the new year, with an even deeper insight into your true Divine self, and a deeper love for All-that-is.   Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father will share in this clearing activation more details and will be supported by my own personal experiences and inperiences.

The energetic exchange of 88 Euros for all 5 classes is as advised by Source in order to give as many people as possible the opportunity to receive the clearing activations and wisdom sharings. This is a very special gift from the Heaven´s above, and a Divine Grace.