How to work with your Intuition and Guides (intro)

As I was getting ready for the fresh start after the summer, I heard that I was to talk about intuition next. How to connect and how to differentiate between what is intuition and what is not (hint: it´s the ego if it´s not). So then, I heard that I was to put some posts on facebook about this and hence post about it on my website. This is what I did. You are indeed reading this article now as a result of that. And so this is following your inner guidance. This is what I do. I follow what I hear, whenever I am guided to do so. Also, I sit down and ask GodSource for inner guidance.

Yet, it has not always been so easy 
People who meet me today, believe this is what I could do right away. Simply ask and receive the answer. Absolutely not. This is the result of practice. A lot of it. Just like any other skill, it takes time and practice to get yourself acquainted to the frequencies of the higher realms, to tune into them and to actually believe what you are hearing or feeling. You need proof, and you need lots of it to be able to count on it.

How to know if it´s from your guides
One of the things that´s important to keep in mind is to check if the energy you are perceiving is love-based and light-based. There should be no fear-based messages, no warnings as such that make you frightened, no infringements on your privacy, and any such things. Light guides are simply there to guide you, not to tell you what to do. They are not here to do that at all. They are here to support you. They will never give you their opinions or unasked advice.

It is natural to perceive fear when being confronted with them sometimes, especially if you start “seeing” them. This can be due to past life experiences which are still in your system and due to beliefs inprogrammed by our society about the “supernatural”. Know that all of this is very normal and will fade with time, as long as the light guides are all about supporting you, being kind and loving.
There is much more to be said about discernment of the messages, as well as about the ego, and understanding when it comes from the ego and from the higher realms, but this will come at a later date.

How I started out
Years ago, to be exact just over nine years in 2009, I was first put into contact with my spiritual guide one night, following an intense clearing. It was the funniest conversation I had! I laughed straight for nearly two hours. And you know, the first connection was because this man had assisted in clearing programs from my soul´s body and since then I had a much better connection. Yet, I have never been taught this by anybody, except by the higher realms. For some reason, I already knew how to connect to my guides and intuition. I guess now, this was past life wisdom. Thus, I sat down every morning to practise in deep meditation. It took me 45 min to get to the altered state where I was able to atune to their frequencies back then. I learned so much during these deep long sessions of formation. Nowadays it works very differently for me, but if you start out, you may have to dive deep into meditative state to begin with to adjust the body´s frequencies accordingly.

Getting proof
I learned from my guides. They showed me several things, which I could never have known in any way shape or form to begin with. For example, I asked how the universe was built. They showed me what I can only describe as a “donut”. Very funny. I shared this with a dear Spanish friend of mine. A few months later, this exact information was brought to me into my inbox, a newsletter stating a new scientific theory suggested how the universe was built. There was the donut! I am so grateful that I had shared the exciting news with my Spanish friend earlier because it was due to this that I truly believed it was real. Because she nearly freaked out! She had heard this from me and then saw this black on white in an email. If I had not shared it with her, I am sure I would have dismissed it for not being so important, so I am so grateful I did! Because this made it real for both of us. Of course today, this donut is a very known and commonly accepted theory. Back in 2009 it wasn´t known at all. So sometimes it´s really good to share!

Inner guidance can be so important
There were times when my inner guidance saved my life. In South America from a plane crash and an earthquake, and in Israel from a Palestine terror attack. This is no chicken shit. They were all real encounters, and the guidance was against all odds and logic. Things like that make you believe and trust! So it is good to collect these proofs for oneself.

And so, this is what I do now. I follow and trust one hundred percent my inner guidance because I know it is right. It saved my life.
Since then, I have learned so much. I have progressed and I allow myself to be guided by the GodSource, my Godself and my light guides continuously.

Inner guidance versus channelling 
What happens in a session with me, is a different thing. Inner guidance and channelling are two different things. In a session, Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father come through me, They speak through me, and there are healing frequencies and codes that are passing through my physical body as well. I am the observer, I am not the one who is speaking. And just to be clear, the only reason why I am given the honor to do this, is because Shekinah, my beloved and best teacher in the world, coded and programmed me to do this. I was given this, it is not because I asked for it. I could have never imagined this to even begin to think I could do this.

Everyone has their own inner guidance and intuition. Just like everybody can walk (usually). You just have to practice to get better at it. Some people can do it on their own. Some may want guidance on how to do this so they can go faster. If you are interested in going faster, you can always work with me personally, contact me here for this. I teach people how to work with their inner guidance and intuition. For both business as well as private life. It is such a fabulous instrument and gift!

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