Love: abandonment and attachment clearing transmission mastery

Abandonment and attachment are the root cause of all disharmony in our relationships – get a clearing activation transmission of this now!

Relationships are based upon attachment by nature and fear of abandonment. It is the root cause of all of our issues relationship wise. And still we maintain these bonds that keep us suffering out of fear of being alone. This fear stems from “fear of solitude” and the illusion of separation. It is not real, and yet we don´t know how to undo this so-called illusion.

Through this transmission mastery you will receive a clearing activation on abandonhood and abandonment on all levels, including the soul. For this to occur, beliefs need to be transformed and cleared, negative emotions, past life programming and blocks be released and removed so that you may shift into a higher perspective of True Love, Divine Connection and Inner Hearing.

This will result in a more expanded version of yourself, a higher perspective ability and more Joy, Love and Freedom in your life!

In a channeling transmission Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father unified speak through Charis´ voice and send energetic transmissions through her physical structure which results in the recipient receiving wisdom through words as well as a complete deep healing on all levels.

This ability to channel transmissions from Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father was given to her through a Divine process without request from her Divine teacher and healer Miananda Maitreya Shekinah, who is known as the Holy Mother on this earth (more about her on

What is contained in these channeling transmissions from Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father? 

A channeling transmission from Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father contains pure GodSource code frequencies directly from the core, the highest point frequency of Creation, as well as spoken words from Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father, unified.

It is this combination which makes it so unique to your entire being, as you receive on ALL LEVELS of your Being:

  • Soul: the soul receives directly guidance and wisdom from Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father through the words contained in the channeling transmission AND through the GodSource code frequencies transmission.
  • Mind: the mind receives education and formation straight from the GodSource through the transmission and Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father eliminate unwanted aspects, beliefs and re-educate the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind about its learnings thus far. This means, that both the mind and the thoughts are being transformed through the codes contained in the transmission and the receiving of newly inserted upgraded belief structures, programs and the like.
  • Emotional aspects: Through the Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father GodSource frequency atunement of the transmission, emotional aspects can be cleared and released from the entire physical body. Thus, not only the mindset is affected consciously and subconsciously, but also the emotional state of mind, mood patterning and resistance lowered or deleted.
  • Energetics: The energies of a channeling transmission from Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father activate dormant codings within, sleeping DNA, unrelevant codings are released and removed, and more so, the physical structure of the body releases tension, fatigue and loneliness.

This is all contained and much more, for the benefits are truly countless.

Where do the abandonment issues originally come from?

Through the frequency of pure Love, Divine True Love, attachment and clinginess is activated for clearing. This means, all issues about attachment and abandonment will be uplifted, “shreddered” energetically and become irrelevant for the current layer of processing. This is done in such a way that all of the Being that is receiving, is continuing the journey thus as a more expanded version, with deeper insight, intuition and awareness, as well as wisdom.

The original abandonment issue arised when humanity fell in consciousness from the Unity with God within. Thus, not all abandonment will be released in this clearing activation, as the individual would not be able to process this. Nevertheless, it will all be removed on that level which within is possible for each and every one at this moment.

COME AND EN-JOY the sessions!

The abandonment and attachment clearing activation transmission mastery consists of 2 sessions, two classes with each a channeling transmission of Heavenly Mother Heavenly Father.

If you join now, you will be able to catch them live on top, because the classes will be held on November 30 and on December 8, at 1.30 pm EST / 7.30 pm CET (Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris).

Nevertheless, you can enjoy both classes at all times after the recordings have been made available infinitely as they will be published on a course platform and also as audio download.

For this transmission mastery a reasonable price has been selected by the Heavenly realms for all to access the clearing activation of abandonment and attachment, for it is considered a vital step in one´s process.

Thus, one ticket to the mastery is 81 euros. Bring a friend, and you receive  25% off each: 2 tickets for 120 euros.