How to undo programs, beliefs and software

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Many years ago I started out as a trainer for Intercultural communication and management in Madrid. During this period, I was also teaching at Syracuse University which has a foreign campus in the same city for foreign exchange periods of American students in Spain. When I first started out, I was repeating what I had learned during my study (a Master in Intercultural Communication), repeating knowledge without innerstanding the Truth behind this all. I was at the start of my journey with my inner guidance in 2006, and this meant I didn’t know back then what programs were nor how they could be removed.


We have software?

What is remarkable is that my Master thesis was written on the basis of a book called “Software of the mind” by Geerd Hofstede, the cultural guru. It was used in most most MBAs, management trainings and he was quoted for years as the most renown cultural researcher, and also with a lot of criticism as usual. However, what was most striking was that one day, as I was standing in front of a class of about thirty American students, pointing at the famous onion diagram depicting the “unquestioned reality” of cultural values and norms of our human mind, when it hit me. Something in me had put 1 and 1 together. The unquestioned reality are the unconscious beliefs we are NOT born with. The beliefs we have learned, acquired throughout our life from parents, school, education, friends, society, media etc. These beliefs are UNQUESTIONED. They are software. Not hardware. And thus, this is programming.


Undoing beliefs – getting started

Hence, it didn’t surprise me, when in 2009 I was started on a deep inner guidance formation through the higher realms, I asked one day what was making me nervous standing in front of the class, and the answer I received was: “A program.” A program. Cultural norms. A thought, a belief. Software. Ah yes. It clicked. I continued to ask to know more, and so in question and answer style, I learned about how beliefs are learned, acquired, and thus programs that could be removed. I wasn’t told that programs could be removed by my guides. I asked: “Great, so how do we get rid of it? Get it out?” and I received the answer. Something inside of me knew that if it is acquired, learned, software, then it could be deleted just like in a computer. And thus, this is how I was started out being taught how to undo programming.

I was told what to say in order for this belief to be removed. As I said it out loud, I could feel from above something moving into my system through the top of my head, and doing something, a change. And I also noticed a change in my reaction the next time in front of the class.


Deprogramming cultural values and norms

This is how I was started, and for many years, I kept asking for beliefs to be removed from my system on a near daily basis. As soon as I had discovered one, I immediately questioned it. There were so many, and I truly cannot remember them now. But I do remember that I started to bring up into my awareness the values and norms my parents and society had taught me, and to look at them, observing whether this was what I felt to be True for me as well or not. Nearly all weren’t. They had to go.

The reason why this deprogramming is so vital is because it keeps us from living from our Core, our True essence – Love. The more we follow our beliefs, our programming, the more we are caught up in the ways of this society. As this society is still based solely on survival (=fear) and not on wellbeing of all beings, these programs do not support a fear free living in harmony.


Freedom begins with questioning the unquestioned

For all who want to be free and cannot work or do not work with their inner guidance just yet to have programs removed the way I was taught, there are many other ways for this: one of the easiest fastest one is to simply question if what you believe, is truly so. Ask “Is this true? Is this really absolutely true?” and wait, observe, as in meditation, for the answer to appear – and you can spend a lot of time in meditating upon the answer.

And you can also tell yourself “I know this isn’t true. Dear FatherMaotherGodSource, show me how this is not true now please, thank you!” Then wait and see. For as soon as you ask, the forces of the Creation of this Universe will answer. You have much more possibilities at your disposal than you are aware of, all you need to do is ask for help. We are here to be helped. Not to do it alone. One important belief I had shown to me in 2016 that wasn’t true (the doing alone one). My advice is to ask FatherMotherGodSource for support, always. There is such immense magnificent Love for you there. It is immeasurable. Undeterminable. Unimaginable. Magnificent. Divine. 🙏







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