Encoded channeled sessions with Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father

Channelling – coaching – healing

Through the encodement I received from my beloved teacher Shekinah, I was given the Grace and great honor to be able to channel Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father´s wisdom and frequencies directly.

They talk through me, and flood frequencies through my body so that you receive Golden Eeon encodements which not only makes you absorb the messages and wisdom on a much deeper level. It also activates dormant codes within your system and aligns you with your Divine Self deeper, the more frequently you connect through these frequencies.


Unanswered questions?
Many of us have unanswered questions about life, purpose, our mission and our relationships. Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father give wisdom, insight and always all with endless LOVE and for your highest Good.

You will get concrete guidance from Them as they speak through me, and you will also receive frequency encodements that help you release, realign and embed the Truth being said. You may receive the gift of being Loved unconditionally by Them, of being held, loved, nurtured in a way that you have never experienced on this earth plane before. This is the true gift of all of this, as this Love is a true coming home. If you allow yourself to feel so.

Speeding up development 
During a session, there are aspects triggered within you which will help you advance faster on your journey so that you may raise your own consciousness to a higher level, connecting even deeper to your own Divinity and Love by connecting with Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father.

the What and How
In a session, you will receive answers to blocks, problems, issues or challenges you are facing, and everything you need to move you to the next step in your development. It means you will get concrete wisdom about WHAT it is you are moving through, have moved through and insights about the reasons of it from Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father through me.

Once They are complete, I am usually guided to deepen your understanding of the insights by giving advice and/ or coaching on the HOW to accomplish this, move forward, integrate this and align yourself with your highest vibration. This is how the session is usually built up plus the encoded frequencies that activate you from within and integrate the lessons, insights and teachings on a deeper level.


Setup is in this way that payment is upfront (because of energetic benefits in this way). After I have received it, I will ask Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father for guidance about the date.

I would love to hear from you! You can send me an email to book your session with the contact form below now. Sessions can be done via Skype or other electronic means.

I am so looking forward to hearing from you!

With much Love and Gratitude, Charis

What others say…

“It has been an absolute joy and profound process to work with dear Charis. her warm, shining energy has aided me tremendously through my spiritual journey, in and outside of our sessions together. Her work is clear and centred, loving and sweet, and deeply grounded in purity and Truth. I am honored to know her and learn through her channelling of the Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father, whose Love is so incredibly healing and warming to the soul. Sending so much love and blessings to Charis and all those who are called to work with her spirit.”

– Tatiana Fontalvo, USA


“Charis has been my mentor and spiritual coach for six months now. She arrived in my life exactly at the right time and supported me in so many different ways, being at moments a business coach, at moments a life coach, often a spiritual coach and in the most magical moments a divine channel for Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father offering me advice, leaving me in awe, feeling blessed beyond words.
I cannot just put in words how much she helped me and in how many ways. Thank you so much, Charis. ”

Susanna C., Italy


“What a joy it is to work with Charis! I already re-entered my own spiritual path when she came into my life. And with her guidance, my connection to the universe, to universal love speeded up immensely.  The gift she has is very special, the pure, direct and full connection tot he source. She released the blocks that limit me living my life and my mission. And there were quite a few, as a relatively newborn entrepeneur. Right now, my business is blooming. My life is blooming. Not only has she this special connection. She also is a talented, wise coach. That combination make sessions with Charis really transformational.”

Stephanie van Workum, ACT Coach in the Netherlands


“My session with Charis took me from such a heavy, low vibration and energy place that I was in, to such a bright and light place. Her work can only be compared to that of angels. I felt lighter as we worked through my blocks and towards the end felt so much peace, I slept like a baby that night. And for the few days after, I kept experiencing the energy and the light at such a high vibration, it was blissful. Highly recommend working with Charis for she’s doing the work of angels on this earth.”

Randa El Zein, Coach, Trainer and Love rebel in Abu Dhabi, UAE

About Charis

“Charis is a natural professional light worker in people´s lives. I personally experienced how much peaceful Love and inner Clarity she brought into my life with her deep and joyful presence. She is the lightworker who brings light into a dark house and softly helps to see what has to be cleaned, repaired, taken care of and how it is to simply and comfortably live in your ¨house¨ with the light of Clarity, Love and Joy.”
Leonora Be You, Author of the book “Now be you global”, Guide in conscious femininity teachings.

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