In these terms and conditions the following terms with accompanying definitions will be used unless described otherwhise.

Contractor: the user of the general terms and conditions, Charis Edenhofer, owner of Charis Edenhofer We are One Consciousness Training & Healing Company.
Client: the counterparty of the contractor, also called the customer, candidate, participant or client.

Applicability of these general conditions
These general terms and conditions apply to all offers, services and activities performed by and in agreements with the contractor. The contractor reserves the right to amend / change these general terms and conditions in the future.

Execution of the agreement
The Contractor shall execute the agreement to the best of its knowledge and ability and in accordance with the requirements of good workmanship. Contractor has an obligation of best effort towards the client, never a result obligation. In case of sickness or disease, weather conditions or other circumstances outside the Contractor´s control which make the execution of services for the agreed time and date impossible, the Client shall give the Contractor sufficient time and opportunity to fulfill all services after the conditions outside Contractor´s control have resolved. In no case will there be a refund due to delayed execution of services due to circumstances beyond Contractor´s control.

All services must be paid in advance to bank account NL12 INGB 0007 6073 20  in the name of Charis Edenhofer, Nijmegen, the Netherlands or via a secure payment provider such as paypal. The client receives an invoice for this prior to the activity, training or coaching. (For cancellation, see Withdrawal and refund). When payment has been made, an activity can be started.

Withdrawal and refund
When the client has registered (online), he/she is registered for the activity of his/her choice. Withdrawal for an activity must be reported in writing or by e-mail to Charis Edenhofer. You have the right to withdraw your registration within fourteen working days after registration. The following applies:

  • For agreements that fall within an individual program, a new appointment can be made free of charge by the client up to 24 hours in advance. In case of cancellation within 24 hours, no claim can be made on the appointment.
  • For an online course or product, a full refund can be applied for within fourteen days if this is handed in to Charis Edenhofer in writing (not good, money back). After that, there is no refund.
  • For a training / workshop / lecture / evening or other event, there is no refund on withdrawal or foreclosure of the prepaid amount. However, the ticket may be passed on to acquaintances or friends.

The Contractor is never liable for any (direct or indirect) damage to the Client and/or to the Customer, Candidate caused by and/or during the use of goods and/or services delivered by and/or on behalf of the Contractor. In addition, the contractor is never liable for the quality or outcome of the services it provides; the contractor is only obliged to make an effort in this regard (see also Execution of the agreement).

Liability online programs
The contractor does not bear any liability for any damage, however named and by whatever cause, other than as a result of intent or gross negligence by the client to prove and then only up to a maximum of the amount of the work to be performed by Charis Edenhofer or deliveries or a proportionate share thereof.
Charis Edenhofer accepts no liability for consequential loss or consequential loss as a result of shortcomings in the services provided by it or through its mediation. The contractor accepts no liability whatsoever for the possible presence of viruses on the information carriers supplied by it or on data or software supplied or downloaded via the internet. The client must test the supplied data carriers, data or software themselves for the presence of viruses.
The Client is obliged to indemnify Charis Edenhofer against all claims for damages that third parties make against Charis Edenhofer regarding damage caused by or with the delivered goods. The contractor undertakes to treat the information, documents and the like provided by the client confidentially in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, but does not accept any liability for loss due to fire, theft or breakage, and the like not covered by the insurance. Also check out the privacy statement. Advice is provided by Charis Edenhofer to the best of her knowledge and in good faith, but she accepts no liability whatsoever for loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the content of the advice given by it.

The pieces awarded, including audio and video materials such as mp3s, texts, home assignments, advice, exercises, course materials, etc. are the property of Charis Edenhofer. They may only be used by the relevant client / participant and not be multiplied, copied or passed on to others.

Charis Edenhofer continuously strives for the best possible quality. Anyone who has complaints or suggestions about a program or the organization around it, can make this known by e-mail or letter.

Applicable law and disputes
Dutch law is exclusively applicable to all legal relationships between the client and Charis Edenhofer. The judge of the place of business of the contractor is authorized to take cognisance of disputes, unless the contractor prefers to submit the dispute to the competent court according to the law. Parties will only appeal to the courts after they have made every effort to settle a dispute in mutual consultation.

Charis Edenhofer pays the utmost attention to the content of this website. Information stated on this website is kept as up to date as possible. Nevertheless, it is possible that the information offered on the site is no longer up-to-date. Rates and changes may be subject to change. Charis Edenhofer accepts no liability for possible errors and shortcomings in this website. Changes and corrections are reserved.

No rights can be derived from the information on this website in any way. Visitors to this site are not allowed to reproduce, distribute or disclose provided (copyright protected) information, products or services in any way whatsoever for personal use without the prior permission of Charis Edenhofer.