What coral reefs have to do with leadership!

Coral reef reconstruction proofs management tool!

Coral reefs themselves have not much to do with leadership skills, but what scientists found out when reconstructing a healthy coral reef does!

Coral reefs around the world are increasingly damaged and scientists are looking for ways to counteract reef degeneration. A degenerated reef smells and sounds less attractive to settlement stage fishes than healthy ones. Taking active steps in reef regeneration will be necessary to reverse damages and increase fish settlement.

In this recent study published by Nature Communications, it was shown that playing underwater sounds of a healthy coral reef seemed to revive coral reefs all around major trophic guilds. It appears that playing these sounds over a period of six weeks meant a doubling in overall abundance and 50% greater species richness.

Great! But what does this have to do with leadership?

Any sports coach will have their athlete visualise the desired outcome i.e. for example the successful jump over a high barrier or the successful swing of the golf pole with the golf ball landing perfectly on the green or a whole-in-one, infinite amount of times. Thus using the power of the subconscious mind to achieve the desired outcome or result.

This scientific experiment used the exact same method. How? Well, thoughts are vibrations that can be tracked on devices. They are like sound waves, emitting from your brain that can even be detected by devices today that are NOT connected to the head! Meaning, our thoughts do not solely stay inside our heads. This again, means that they affect not only our entire being, but also the electromagnetic field around us, measurable today.

Our thoughts have to be focussed in the right way

When we take this study and mirror it to our own challenges, we find that instead of focussing on the problem and emitting those frequencies i.e. thoughts, we must find a way to be result oriented in our thoughts, and thus emitting a state in which the problem is already solved. Then, from this point we are able to gain insights into how we can achieve this state that we aspire.

Basically, if we tell our subconscious mind: “this is what I want” by visualising the end result of our desired outcome rather than the problem at hand, we are able to give our brains the signals it needs in order to come up with a creative solution to the problem.

Why stress and panic are creative solution killers

This explains also why stress, fear and panic are killers of creative solutions to our problems at hand. When in stress, fear or even panic, our brain shuts down to the very survival mode. In this mode, the reptilian brain is “on” and the large part of our brain is “off” and only able to focus on the danger at hand, and escaping from it or fighting it with physical means. This reaction, very useful when a wolf or bear is in front of you, now is not useful at all when we are trying to find solutions for challenges at hand. We must therefore become aware of the way our brains work, in order to use it to BENEFIT us and to bring about GREAT solutions for humanity at large.

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