What peace truly means – World Peace Day

What is peace truly about? It is about liberation from aggressors or is it about the absence of war?

For me the definition of peace has changed over the last years. Nowadays I see it as a state of consciousness where there is absence of abuse, disharmony, disruption of any kind, and even the recognition of war, fight, flight and pollution. For all of this is still part of the fear paradigm, the non love ways this earth has been operating in for so long.

Peace is Love

Peace does not consist of making deuce with your enemies. Peace goes way further than this. It entails forgiveness, for all of those that have done unto you. It entails complete forgiveness of your own self, the self that keeps making mistakes, the same mistakes. It comprises Love in such a way that it is non romantic, all loving, kind and endless. True Love.

All of this is what peace means to me today on World Peace Day 2018. It may change in the future and yet, it is how my heart sees it in this very moment as it is showing me this.

Peace is not celebrating the “saviour”

I love how I have evolved from the very dark state of consciousness where I still believed that peace has to do with a celebration of the liberation after war. Or the relinquishment of the invaders. All of that has faded now and is no longer part of me, my consciousness and heart. It is part of an older way, which is no longer part of me. The world has changed and so has our consciousness, yet the beliefs en rituals played out today still show me that the world is facing in all aspects that victim-aggressor cycle on a large scale, prevailingly. It shows me that most people here still buy into victim-hood, and thus the so-called “saviour”.

It also shows me that there are people that are no longer “buying” into this old ways of believing and thinking and that change does occur. For if I notice it, then there will be others as well that notice this. And thus, the world is changing indeed bit by bit.

Moving into peace

Today, when you read this, be it peace day or not, I would kindly request you to take charge of your life, and reflect on where you believe the victim-aggressor-saviour paradigm still? Where are you still involved in “helping” when it truly isn´t empowering others but rather making them small in the way that they are the Divine Creators of all in their life?

Where are you pretending to be the saviour?

Because most of us are, when we are working for the light, we believe we have to help people to not suffer. This is furthest from the truth. We aren´t “helping” them by avoiding their predicament.

We are avoiding them to become truly confident, empowered in their lives.

And thus, I would kindly like to remind you of stop feeding and empowering this old way of living, believing and thinking. It is “time over” on this. Time for us to move on.

Are you ready for it? Are you in? I know I am. And I am moving more and more away from it day by day. Slowly, continuously on my path.

Becoming more aware every day, moment to moment, bit by bit when I am still buying into the old ways of rescuing others.

Becoming aware of when I am not in peace. That´s what it is all about.

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